Paul J. Litton

Room 231


Paul J. Litton

Associate Dean for Faculty Research and R. B. Price Professor of Law

BA cum laude, University of Pennsylvania, '94
JD, University of Pennsylvania Law School, '99
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, '03

Paul Litton joined the faculty in 2006. He received a J.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied through the University’s Joint Program in Law and Philosophy and was awarded the Lynn Lukens Moore Prize in Jurisprudence by the Law School. He was law clerk to Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz of the New Jersey Supreme Court, serving a second term as the Court’s death penalty law clerk. From 2004 to 2006 he was a fellow in the Department of Clinical Bioethics within the National Institutes of Health.

Professor Litton’s research primarily focuses on moral philosophy and criminal law theory (especially free will and responsibility theory), and bioethics. In 2009 he received the Shook Hardy & Bacon Excellence in Research Award at the Law School. From 2010-12, Professor Litton co-chaired the Missouri Death Penalty Assessment Team, assembled by the American Bar Association to study and make recommendations regarding the laws and practices of Missouri’s capital system.

Professor Litton teaches Criminal Law, Death Penalty Law, Jurisprudence, and Bioethics.

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Most Recent Publications

Traumatic Brain Injury and a Divergence Between Moral and Criminal Responsibility, 56 DUQUESNE LAW REVIEW 35 (2018) (symposium on Traumatic Brain Injury & the Law).

Crime, Punishment, and Causation: The Effect of Etiological Information on the Perception of Moral Agency with Philip Robbins, 24 PSYCHOLOGY, PUBLIC POLICY, AND LAW 118 (2018).

The Mistaken Quest for a Control Test: For a Rationality Standard of Sanity, in THE INSANITY DEFENSE: MULTIDISCIPLINARY VIEWS ON ITS HISTORY, TRENDS, AND CONTROVERSIES (ed. Mark D. White, Praeger, 2017).

On the Argument that Execution Protocol Reform is Biomedical Research, 90 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW ONLINE 76 (2015)

Is Psychological Research on Self-Control Relevant to Criminal Law?, 11 OHIO STATE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW 725 (2014)

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