School of Law Ambassador

Jessica Coghill, 3L

  • Hometown: Chickasha, OK
  • Undergrad Institution: Oklahoma Christian University
  • Major: Business
  • Email:

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a 3L.  I grew up in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma and received an undergrad degree in general business from Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City.

I’m a bit of a non-traditional student in a few ways.  I’m married to my wonderful husband Mike and I spent a year between undergrad and law school working at a local Columbia bank.  Working for a year helped me realize how important a higher degree is for advancement opportunities.  I applied to several law schools but ultimately chose Mizzou because of the close and helpful atmosphere at the law school.  I never expected professors to be so willing to not only help me learn difficult material, but also take an interest in me personally.  

Choosing Mizzou was the best decision I’ve made for my law school education.  I would love to answer any questions about Columbia, balancing law school, or just questions about law school in general; please send me an e-mail! I would be more than happy to offer any help I can to help you reach your law school decision!