School of Law Ambassador

Hugo Lopez, 2L

  • Hometown: Tustin, CA
  • Undergrad Institution: University of California-Berkley
  • Major: Legal Studies
  • Email:

Hello. My name is Hugo Lopez, a 2L at Mizzou School of Law. I am from Santa Ana, Calif., and received my undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. While an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I was involved in the Greek community as well as other student organizations and volunteer initiatives. After graduation, I was still undecided between becoming a teacher or a lawyer, so I decided to take two years off to teach. After my second year teaching, I realized teaching was not for me, so I decided to attend law school.

As a prospective law school student, the most difficult decision is selecting a school that will provide you with the best opportunity to succeed.  I realized early in the application process that Mizzou was the school that would give me the best opportunity to achieve my goals. However, my biggest fear was moving across the country in pursuit of a great law education. Since moving to Columbia, I have not had to worry about being an out-of-state student. Mizzou School of Law offers so many different opportunities to get involved and meet your colleagues that before you know it, you have made a smooth transition into your new environment and have found a new family.

Since arriving in Columbia, I have been repeatedly asked why on earth I would leave California for Missouri. Initially I asked myself the same question, but after visiting the law school as a prospective student, I was convinced Mizzou was the perfect law school for me. The hospitality, kindness, and attention I received from the admissions office, faculty, and students made Mizzou the obvious choice for me. Now that I have had time to settle down in beautiful Columbia, the city and law school have really grown on me.

If you have any questions about moving from the West Coast to the Midwest or about the law school application process feel free to email me. After all, I am only a 2L and not far removed from going through the law school application process myself. Good luck and best of wishes as you navigate through this exciting time in your life.