School of Law Ambassador

Arsenio Mims, 3L

  • Hometown: Peoria, IL
  • Undergrad Institution: Western Illinois
  • Major: Political Science
  • Email:

Hello prospective students, my name is Arsenio Mims. I am a third year law student and I grew up in Peoria, IL, which is located in central Illinois. During my undergraduate tenure I played Division 1 college basketball for Western Illinois University, which enabled me the opportunity to visit various cities around the country.

While at Western I earned my BA in Political Science, with a minor in Business Management. As a student athlete my schedule consisted of practice, weight training, and games along with a vigorous travel schedule. However I enjoyed my undergraduate years by playing sports along with having the chance to meet a variety of wonderful individuals. Immediately following graduation I began my transition to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri School of Law.

From my experience I have learned that MU is a wonderful institution that is dedicated to developing and enhancing the individual talents of its students. Making the decision to enroll at MU was one of the best I have made so far in my lifetime.  MU takes pride in having a community feel that allows students to achieve to the best of their abilities.

I understand that the selection process of picking the perfect law school may be very stressful and frustrating at times.  However when looking at MU I can tell you that we have a staff that is dedicated to the development of its students.  Our faculty consists of individual who are experts in their respective fields of study, and they are also accessible for students. Our admissions office consists of hardworking, and honest individuals who truly care about our students and their law school experience.

The University of Missouri School of Law has made my transition as smooth as can be.  If you have any questions, need an additional perspective, or if you would simply like to talk about your selection process feel free to email me.