MU BLSA is excited about the 2018-19 school year! We plan to continue the ongoing work of preparing BLSA members to excel academically and to be excellent members of the legal profession. We’ll do this by providing targeted instruction for test preparation for 1Ls, creating programming opportunities for student networking, and continuing to mentor undergraduate Pre-Law students and at-risk high school students.

This year BLSA will also continue to be active in the Midwest Regional and National BLSA competitions. Last year, two members of the MU BLSA Moot Court team competed in Nationals and did very well! We hope they do as well or better this year. In addition to these great endeavors, our members have worked for several law firms, clerked for the Missouri Supreme Court, and for government agencies. MU BLSA members also lead on the Board of Advocates, the Student Bar Association, the Association of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law, and more. Our members also regularly participate in student competitions inside and outside the law school.

Every year MU BLSA hosts The Lloyd Gaines Scholarship Banquet. This year we hope to surpass previous fundraising amounts, so as to continue to provide scholarships to MU students. Please feel free to explore our website and contact us!

In BLSA Love,

Ayana Shiggs
2018-19 MU BLSA President
J.D. Candidate 2019