With so many competitions throughout the year, the Board of Advocates relies on the hard work of its directors and assistant directors to provide the best advocacy opportunities for law students. For further information about specific competitions, please visit that competition’s page.

Administrative Directors

Board of Advocates Chair: Ben Marble,

Public Relations Director: Kayla Meine,

Finance Director: Morgan Maples,

Assistant Finance Director: Courtney Lauer

Judging Directors

Director: Nick Mace,

Director: Nick Henry,

Assistant Directors:

Joe Dumas

Abigail Thomas

Jenna Homeyer

Inter-School Competition Director

Director: Julia Neidhardt,

Assistant Directors:

Miles Figg

Aaron Snipes

Regional Competition Director

Director: Kayla Kemp,

Assistant Directors:

Brooke Wheelwright

Polsinelli Shughart Fall Moot Court Directors

Director: John Whiteman,

Director: Nick Griebel,

Assistant Directors:

Sarah Crawford

Sean Harmon

Negotiation Director

Director: Chris Mruzik,

Assistant Directors:

Jared Logan

Courtney Stout

Client Counseling Director

Director: Derek Spencer,

Assistant Directors:

Adam Wright

Mock Trial Director

Director: Joel Ritchie,

Assistant Directors:

Brandon Craig

Shea Fennessey

Mediation Director

Director: Cody Holt,

Assistant Directors:

Phil Thorton

Spencer Kohout

1L Moot Court Directors

Director: Jared Guemmer,

Director: Mary Beth Griffin,

Assistant Directors:

Alex Langley

Manuel Galeano

Maikieta Brantley

Nikki Clark