With so many competitions throughout the year, the Board of Advocates relies on the hard work of its directors and assistant directors to provide the best advocacy opportunities for law students. For further information about specific competitions, please visit that competition’s page.

Administrative Directors

Board of Advocates Chair: Cory Garr,

Public Relations Director: Emma Tracy,

Assistant Public Relations Director: Curtis Wilson

Finance Director: Habib Hassan,

Assistant Finance Director: Allyson Brown

Judging Directors

Director: Travis Pringle,

Director: Phillip Windom,

Assistant Directors: Ashlyn Calhoun, Khris Johnson-DeLoatch, Callie Haslag, and David Rogers

Inter-School Competition Director

Director: Mary Grace Bruntrager,

Assistant Director: Justin Davis

Competitive Teams Director

Director: Alana Caruso,

Assistant Director: Joshua Baker

Polsinelli Shughart Fall Moot Court Directors

Director: Kevin Buchanan,

Director: Max Mauldin,

Assistant Directors: William Dunker and Vickie Southworth

Negotiation Director

Director: Eric McDonnell,

Assistant Directors: Lauren Vincent and Alyssa Woemmel

Client Counseling Director

Director: Brandon Gibson,

Assistant Directors: Valerie Kimball and Brittain McClurg

Mock Trial Director

Director: John Brooks,

Assistant Director: Taylor Shortal and Chris Terrell

Mediation Director

Director: George Khoukaz,

Assistant Directors: Byron Jeske and Taylor Payne

1L Moot Court Directors

Director: John Moore,

Director: Rachel Kim,

Assistant Directors: Heather Booth, Samuel Crosby, Priscilla Nyankson, Robert Temple