Judging and CLE Credit

Our competitions rely on volunteer judges, without whom we could not provide these valuable experiences to the students. This is a great opportunity for practitioners from the community to assist the next generation of attorneys in gaining valuable experience and knowledge. In turn, the BOA provides the volunteer judges with thanks, CLE credits, and dinner. The number of CLE credits varies between 3.6 and 4.8 hours per night judged, depending on the time commitment of each round of competition. This is a great way to earn CLE credit as you receive credit for each night of participation.

We mail out registration packets to all the volunteers in our database before each competition. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be included, please email Judging Directors :

Travis Pringle, tjp9qc@mail.missouri.edu

Phillip Windom, pbwv2c@mail.missouri.edu


Upcoming Opportunity:

Ethics CLE credit opportunity! Mizzou Law Board of Advocates is looking for volunteers to serve as judges in the 2018 Mock Trial Competiton, which will take place March 5th through March 8th. The Mock Trial Competition provides students an opportunity to implement classroom theory through simulating the trial process. Teams of four develop a litigation strategy based on a given problem and then present their case before a panel of lawyers and judges. The competition allows law students to develop and hone courtroom skills such as: witness preparation, direct examination, and cross examination.

Judging is a great way to earn ethics CLE credit! If you are interested in serving as a judge for the competition, please contact one of our Judging Directors:

Director: Travis Pringle, tjp9qc@mail.missouri.edu

Director: Phillip Windom, pbwv2c@mail.missouri.edu

For more information about the 2018 Mock Trial, visit the BOA website. http://law.missouri.edu/boa/competitions/mock-trial/