Martin C. Flynt's Letter to the Parents of Joseph C. Babb April 4, 1863



April 4th 63

Mr. R.F. Babb,

Dear sir. By request of J.L. Newnam I take the liberty this morning of writing you a few lines in regard to the death of your son Joseph. I was at the hospital myself when Joe died although I did not see him. I received a letter from Newnam just a few minutes before I left the Island requesting me to get Joe's Bible for you. I went to Jesse Kentetzer who was Joe's nurse and who belonged to the same Co. that me and Joe did, he told me that he did not know what had become of the Bible. It had got lost by some means. he also told me that he saw Joe give the Stewart of the hospital it just a few days before he died. as to Joe's being prepared for his death i haven't




the least dout myself as Joe was always a very good boy. Kenetzer says the night preceding his death he was awakened from his sleep by the prayers of Joseph. he went to him & asked him if he wanted anything he said not but he wanted him to tell his father and mother that he was willing to die. As Mr. Newnam has gone on the exchange he requested me to write you this letter which I know would be a great satisfaction to you to know about the death of one I loved almost like a brother. nothing more but remains yours.

Martin C. Flynt


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