Joseph Babb Letter of December 31, 1862



Garotiot Street Hospital, Dec. 311

Dear Parents,

I received your letter a day or so ago. I was very glad to hear that you received my letter. I feared that it had miscarried and you were suffering on my account. I was very unwell when I received it having taken a fever and afterward a pain in my side so that I feared I was taking the pneumonia. But the fever has subsided though the pain troubles me considerably yet. I cough very little now to what I did. I expect to try to get some No. 6 as I think it would help me. The Dr. has given me very little strong medicine. I have had very little appetite for some time but i think as my health returns my appetite will also. I what i mostly fear is the smallpox although every precaution is taken to keep it from spreading. As soon as a man takes it he is immediately carried out of the city to the smallpox hospital. A number of men were brought down from Alton the other day 2 of which have taken the smallpox in this hospital. I trust alone in him who can protect and I do not forget him who has conferred so many mercies upon me. I hope this finds you all well. Write soon

Your affectionate Son,

J. C. Babb


1 1862


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