Joseph Babb Letter of January 10, 1863



Garotiot Street Hospital

Jan. 10th, 1863

Dear Parents,

I received yours of the 26th of December and answered it in a day or so afterwards but failing to receive and answer I fear it has miscarried and you are uneasy about me so I have concluded to write again. I was very glad to hear you were all doing so well and were not going to move. I told you in my other letter that i had taken a slight relapse, and was for some time tolerably sick and had no appetite at all which made me very weak but now I have a very good appetite and am going strength fast. The doctor takes a great deal of care and is very kind to us. I should very much like to see you all very much but have little prospect for it now. I would like to have some clothing, as I lost all the clothing except what I had on. A pair of cotton shirts and a pair or so of drawers will do me. You can probably send them by Mr. Dever or some other trader or you could send them by express and if I am removed to Alton Mr. Dever could send them there by express. I do not know how1 it will be before we are exchanged but this morning's papers spoke about a general exchange. It is very likely you will see the papers. I have read a great deal in my testament since I have been sick and I hope it has done me good. I want you all to write to me as it does me a great deal of good to get a letter from home.

I still remain your affectionate son,

J. C. Babb


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