Joseph Babb Letter of January 19, 1863



Garotiot Street Hospital

Jan. 19th '63

Dear Parents,

I received your letter of the 15th yesterday. I was very glad to hear you were all well. As for me my health is still improving, but I was so weak that it will be some time before I am entirely well. I am now able to sit up a considerable portion of the time, and walk around the hospital considerably. Although we are so well treated it takes a person longer to get well where there are so many sick together. I would like very much to come home on any of the terms you spoke of that is to be paroled for a time, or to pledge myself not to take up arms any more during the war. It may be that I can get out on some such terms. I would be very glad to get to see you all once more. The clothing you mentioned I have not yet received but I suppose it will not be long before I get them. I did not lose my overcoat or any of my outside clothes, as i only lost my bundle. Ma desired me to read my testament, which I do a great deal, as I have read it through and commenced again, since I have become well enough. I have passed through a great many dangers of different kinds since I saw you, likely more than I passed through in my whole life before, but it has pleased the great protector to bring me safe thus far, and i will trust to him in days to come. I never liked to read the Bible so well before it all seems to be new and full of instruction. I believe I have said about all I have to say. I hope this will find you all well. I will try to write to you every week. Some of you to do the same whether our letters crosshand or not.

From your affectionate son,

J. C. Babb


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