Joseph Babb Letter of January 30, 1863



Garotiot Street Hospital

January the 30th 1863

Dear Mother,

I received your letter and the clothing you sent me yesterday, and also the cake which I liked very much. You regretted that they had not been sent sooner but it did not make any difference as I am not needing them at present. I should also have liked to have seen William if he could have gained admittance. You wished to know if I needed any money but do not at present as I still have the greater part of what you sent me. I am not quite so well as I have been, having taken cold, and also had a chill or tow, but I now have the chill stopped, and am a great deal better. It will however be some time yet before I am thoroughly well. I have requested a sick parole but do not know whether I will obtain it or not. Some of the sick are paroled to the city were they can get bard reasonable at private houses. If I were as sick as I have been i would rather be paroled to the city than to stay in the hospital. I have read my testament through again have begun the Bible. It interests me a great deal and I hope has already benefited me. The prisoners are preached to every Sunday.

Your affectionate son,

J. C. Babb


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