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Allen Home
104 Ripley St.


Allen Home

Article originally published In Columbia Missourian on January 11, 1987
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By 1867, this lot was part of a subdivision. The subdivision was bounded by Ripley, Windsor, William and Walnut streets. The house was on Ripley Street, with an alley behind it indicating that adjacent lots were intended for other homes. The land was owned by several others through the years. The area was annexed by Columbia in 1906.

The home is now used as an apartment building.

Compiled by Midge Crawford for the Boone County Historical Society.

Built by: Thomas M. Allen
History of the Builder The area where the home stands was part of a land grant to Henry Cave by President James Monroe in 1824. It was purchased in 1871 by Thomas M. Allen.
Date Built 19871-1872. It is an excellent example of the style of homes in the 1870s.
Outstanding features: The home, with its tall, slim, linteled windows, is an excellent example of Victorian era architecture. The house is rectangular shaped with a gable roof and hip over the middle window. The exterior of the house is well preserved.
Reproduced with permission from The Columbia Missourian
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