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College of Agriculture Mansion
Corner of Rollins and College Ave.


Hudson Mansion

Present day site

Article originally published In Columbia Tribune on January 25, 1987
Original Article

Whatever Happened to College of Agriculture Mansion?

By Francis Pike of the Tribune Staff

The stone mansion at College Avenue and Rollins Street, south of Sanborn Field, was built and occupied by College of Agriculture dean F.B. Mumford. It was razed in 1962.

Previously, two mansions had successively occupied the same site, known as the Agriculture Farm. The "Hudson Mansion" was built in the 1870s by former University of Missouri President William H. Hudson. The mansion was home to College of Agriculture deans Swallow, Sanborn, Porter and Waters. Dean H.J. Waters occupied the mansion until it burned in 1898. A second frame mansion was built on the same foundation and occupied by dean Waters until it burned Feb. 9, 1908.

Reproduced with permission from The Columbia Tribune
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