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Conley House
602 Sanford Place


Conley House

Article originally published In Columbia Missourian on May 24, 1987
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Built by: Sanford Francis Conley
History of the Builder

S. F. Conley, a Missouri native, was born on a family farm in 1838. He moved into Columbia in 1853 to begin a merchant career and became a successful merchant and active community member of Columbia. Conley married Kate Singleton in 1868, and they moved into the completed home in 1870.

Date Built

1869. It is a rare local example of the Italianate Revival style.

Outstanding features:

The low-pitched mansard roof, arched doorway, bracketed eaves and rose brickwork exemplify the Italiante Style. The dark green shutters, porches, and cornices contract against the prick walls and white limestone trim. The original galvanized tin roof is intact.

The home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It was purchased by the University in 1980 and renovation and restoration was completed in 1986. Today the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center and Honors College occupy the house.

Reproduced with permission from The Columbia Missourian
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