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Lamme Garth Home
Corner of Cherry and Hitt St.


Lamme-Garth Home

The Lamme-Garth House is now the site of the new location for the First Presbyterian Church

Article originally published In Columbia Tribune on December 21, 1986
Original Article

Whatever Happened to the Stepping Stone at Hitt and Cherry Streets?

By Francis Pike of the Tribune Staff

When the Lamme-Garth home, erected in 1834 by David Steele Lamme at Hitt and Cherry streets, was razed, the 300-pound carriage stepping stone, inscribed with the name GARTH in large letters, was removed for safe keeping to the back of Tom and Virginia Botts, 210 E. Ridgeley Road.

Lamme, a wealthy merchant, was married to Sophia Woodson Hickman, widow of James Hickman, and thus was the step-father of Mary Elizabeth Hickman. On June 26, 1837, Mary Elizabeth, then 16, became the bride of James S. Rollins, later known as the "father of the University of Missouri." The wedding was solemnized in the North room of the house.

The Lamme family sold the property in 1841 to Robert S. Barr, brother-in-law of judge David Todd, and in September 1850 Barr sold the place to William Y. Hitt, for whom Hitt street was later named. Hitt was a brother -in-law of William Jewell, Columbia doctor and namesake of William Jewell College at Liberty.

in 1864 Hitt sold the house to John M. Samuel and his wife, Eleanor Vanhorn Samuel. Samuel conveyed the house by will in 1887 to his daughter, Mary Evelyn "Evie" Samuel, who became the wife of Walter W. Garth. They were the parents of Will Garth, last surviving member of the Garth family.

The house remained in the Garth family until 1926 when the trustees of the First Presbyterian church purchased the property and used it as a student union until 1953 when it was razed. The title "oldest building in Columbia" passed onto the Niedermeyer Apartments, South Tenth and Cherry streets, built in 1837 to house the Columbia Female Academy.

Reproduced with permission from The Columbia Tribune
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