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Advanced Topics in Auto Insurance

Instructor: Jerry

Syllabus Syllabus

1st Day Assignment First Day Assignment

Assignment for first two classes (Thurs., 1/12 & Tues., 1/17):  We’ll begin the course by developing familiarity with standard automobile insurance policy structure and content.  Read the 2003 ISO Personal Auto Policy available at the Assigned Readings & Course Materials Tab. [TWEN page]  Also, pick any one of the policies sold by an insurance company in Missouri (a link to the list can be found in the materials at the mentioned tab), read it, and be prepared to discuss in what respects it is different from the 2003 PAP.  Policies are available on a first-come, first-served basis; let me know via e-mail which one you would like to do, and I will reply to confirm that it is still available for selection.  My email is .

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