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International Human Rights

Instructor: Strong

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1st Day AssignmentFirst Day Assignment

Required texts:Hurst Hannum et al., International Human Rights:  Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice (5th ed. 2011), and the 2009 Documents Supplement to the Hannum text.

Suggested Texts

We will be making reference to this year’s One Read text, Infamy: The Shocking Story of the Japanese American Internment in World War II, by Richard Reeves, and the research exercise associated with the student symposium will be linked to this text.  You may want to purchase your own copy, although the library has a number on file.

You may also wish to review S.I. Strong & Brad Desnoyer, How to Write Law Exams:  IRAC Perfected (2016).  This book may be useful as you prepare for the final exam.  Copies are on file in the library if you do not wish to purchase your own.

First day of class

Introduction to International Lawmaking

Guest speaker:  Maria S. Strong, Deputy Director of Policy and International Affairs, U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.

Today’s class will involve a discussion between Professor Strong and Ms. Strong (yes, we’re sisters!) about the interstate negotiation process.  Although there is no reading for today, please consult TWEN for a questions list (to be posted shortly).  I hope to hold class today, but please consult your email regularly in case I need to cancel.  If today’s class is cancelled, please move on to session 8/23 (reading and questions) for Wednesday.