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Constitutional Law

Instructor: Oliveri

1st Day Assignment First Day Assignment

For Wednesday, Jan. 17: Please read the Constitution of the United States, at lix-lxxiii in the Casebook. Focus particularly on the seven Articles, the first ten Amendments (Bill of Rights), and the 14th Amendment. You certainly aren’t expected to memorize this document, but I do want you to be prepared to discuss its basic contents and structure. In particular, think about how long (or short) it is, why it is structured as it is, and how it can be amended. Ask yourself: Why is it so difficult to amend? How can a relatively short document written in 1789 and amended only 27 times govern our modern political and legal system? Is there anything surprising to you in there? Anything missing?

For Friday, Jan. 19: Please read pages 1-20 in the Casebook. Be prepared to discuss the act of “legal jiu-jitsu” that Justice Marshall pulled off in Marbury v. Madison and its ramifications for the Supreme Court’s power.

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