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Lawyering §1

Instructor: Strong

1st Day Assignment First Day Reading

Required text: Stefan H. Krieger & Richard K. Neumann, Jr., Essential Lawyering Skills (5th ed. 2015).

Suggested text: You may find it useful to glance at S.I. Strong and Brad Desnoyer, How to Write Law Essays: IRAC Perfected (2015).  The library also has several copies on reserve and it is freely available through the Law Library’s Study Aids package (here) once school starts so no need to purchase it.

First day’s reading (all first day readings will be available on TWEN in early August):

Stephen D. Easton, My Last Lecture: Unsolicited Advice for Future and Current Lawyers, 56 S.C. L. Rev. 229 (2004).

John Lande & Jean R. Sternlight, The Potential Contribution of ADR to an Integrated Curriculum: Preparing Law Students for Real World Lawyering, 25 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. 247 (2010), pp. 259-69.

MacCrate Report Fundamental Lawyering Skills and Values

You will also need to look at the course page on TWEN for the first day’s questions. Questions will be posted shortly before each class.

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