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Civil Procedure I §1

Instructor: Dessem

1st Day Assignment First Week’s Assignments 

Welcome to the Law School!

Our first Civil Procedure class will be Tuesday, August 21, from 11:40 to 12:55 in Room 4.

Your reading this semester includes (1) Dessem, Representing Clients in Civil Litigation and (2) Spencer, Federal Civil Rules Supplement: 2018-2019. When the text refers to Rules from the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or statutes from Title 28 (the title of the United States Code concerning federal judicial procedures and the federal courts), check these in the Federal Civil Rules Supplement.

For our first class on August 21, please read Sections I – IV of Chapter 1 (pages 1-26).

Come to the first class on August 21 with five written questions that you would ask John Leonard if you were to interview him in connection with his desire to bring a civil action against PepsiCo.  The dispute that Leonard has with PepsiCo is explained in the text material.

For our second class on August 23, please read the rest of Chapter 1 (pages 26 – 45).

                Posted on the class TWEN site is a document entitled “Interrogatories to Students.”  I ask each student to fill this out (handwritten is fine) and return to me in class sometime during the week of August 20.  This background information will help me to know each of you better.

Finally, while I expect students to attend each class, if for any reason you cannot be present (or will not be prepared to participate) please complete and submit to me the motion for extension of time that is posted on the class TWEN site.

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