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Civil Procedure I §2

Instructor: Oliveri

Other Course Information Required Texts

  • Yeazell & Schwartz, Civil Procedure (9th ed. Aspen)
  • Yeazell & Schwartz, 2018 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) with Selected Statutes, Cases, and other Materials (Aspen)
  • There are two packets containing course material. One is a set of sample litigation documents and additional readings. This is required. The other is a set of Powerpoint slides that I will use to lecture from. This is not technically required, but it will make your life easier. Both are available for a low price at the Bookstore.

1st Day Assignment First Day Assignment

Monday, August 20:

FRCP 1, 2, 7, 8(a) and (d), 10
     United States v. Kreisler Complaint (Coursepack)
Casebook (CB) 367-368, 371-372

Wednesday, August 22:

CB 386-403

Friday, August 24

CB 305-319

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