Journal Volume 1985

ADR Paradigms and Intervenor Values Joesph B. Stulberg 1
The Transformation of Disputes by Lawyers: What the Dispute Paradigm Does and Does Not Tell Us Carrie Menkel-Meadow 25
Will the Seventh Amendment Survive ADR? Roger W. Kirst 45
Mediator Expectations and Professional Training: Implications for Teaching Dispute Resolution Raymond Albert 73
Redress by Licensing Authority: Settling Home Improvement Disputes in New York City Richard A. Daynard 89
Dispute Resolution: The Fourth "R" Albie Davis & Kit Porter 121
Patterns of Bias in Mediation Christopher Honeyman 141
Arbitration in the Securities Industry: Too Much of a Good Thing David A. Lipton 151

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   173

J. Dunlop: Dispute Resolution: Negotiation and Consensus Building Robert Coulson 253
J. Folberg & A. Taylor: Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Conflicts Without Litigation James B. Boskey 257