Journal Volume 1987

Trial by Ambush or Avalanche? The Discovery Debacle Walter E. Olwrer 1
The Peacemakers: Biblical Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation as a Model Alternative to Litigation Judith M. Keegan 11
Mediating With a Powerful/Competitive Couple: Michael and Debbie John M. Haynes 27
Moving Negotiations from Idle to Forward: The Commitment to Flexibility Peter Contuzzi 39
Grievance Mediation of Contractual Disputes in Public Education Sylvia Skratek 43
Why We Teach Law Students to Mediate Kathleen W. Marcel & Patrick Wiseman 77

"CAMP"ing Is On The Rise: A Survey of Judicially-Implemented Pre-Argument Conference Programs in the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal Teresa A. Generous & Katherine D. Knocke 89

Healing Angry Wounds: The Roles of Apology and Mediation in Disputes Between Physicians and Patients Ann J. Kellett, R.N. 111
Whose Dispute Is This Anyway?: The Propriety of the Mini-Trial in Promoting Corporate Dispute Resolution Lewis D. Barr 133
ADR In The Law Firm: A Practical Viewpoint Karen A. Burch 149

Deciding Arbitrability: AT&T Technologies, Inc. v. Communication Workers of America Sondra B. Morgan 165

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   177

Christopher W. Moore: The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict Josh Stulberg 239