Journal Volume 1991 No. 1

Valuation of Cases for Settlement: Theory and Practice Peter Toll Hoffman 1

Your Forum or Mine: Where to Arbitrate Investor-Broker Securities Claims Christopher J. Moeller 63
Is Settlement Conditioned on Vacatur an Option: Should it BE? Elizabeth L. Anstaett 87
Out with the Old, In With the New: The Mini-Trial is the New Wave for Resolving International Disputes Mark D. Calvert 111
Promise and Problems in Divorce Mediation Steven T. Knuppel 127

Quasi-Judicial Immunity: The Arbitrator's Shield or Sword? Howard v. Drapkin Robert M. Carroll 137
The Summary Jury Trial: Who Will Speak for the Jurors? Hume v. M & C Management Charles W. Hatfield 151
The Struggle over Consolidation of Arbitration Proceedings Continues: The Eight Circuit Chooses Sides Baesler v. Continental Grain Co Scott E. Blair 161
Statutory Claims Under ERISA: Is Arbitration the Appropriate Forum? Southside Internists Group v. Januis Capital Corp Amy L. Brice 171
Curtailing the Arbitrators Power: Valid Withholding of Jurisdiction of Judicial Flaw? Cobler v. Stanley, Barber, Southard, Brown & Associates Kevin L. Wibbenmeyer 183

Remedies in Arbitration Timothy J. Heinsz 193