Journal Volume 1991 No. 2

Feminist Theory, Professional Ethics, and Gender-Related Distinctions in Attorney Negotiating Styles Lloyd Burton, Larry Famer, Elizabeth D. Gee, Lorie Johnson & Gerald Williams 199
Reconsidering the Employment Contract Exclusion in Section I of the Federal Arbitration Act: Correcting the Judiciary's Failure of Statutory Vision Jeffrey W. Stempel 259

Confidentiality in Mediation: Status and Implications Kent L Brown 307
Avoiding Farm Foreclosure Through Mediation of Agricultural Loan Disputes: an Overview of State and Federal Legislation Donna L. Malter 335

Arbitration Allocates Costs of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Claim under Superfund United States v. Acton Corp. Nancy P. O'Brien 347
Privileged Communication Extended to the Corporate Ombudsman-Employee Relationship Via Federal Rule of Evidence   501
Kientzy v. McDonnell Douglas Corp. Kevin L. Wibbenmeyer 367
Injunctions Pending Arbitration: Do the Courts Really Have Jurisdiction? Blumenthal v. Merrill Lynch Elizabeth A. Phillips 381
Enforcement of State Annexed-Arbitration Rules in Federal Courts with Diversity Jurisdiction Towey v. Catling John S. Mackey 397
The Right to Sue Vs. the Agreement to Arbitrate: The Dilemma in Title VII Cases Alford v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. Jennifer A. Clifton 407

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   417