Journal Volume 1992 No. 1

Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Dispute Resolution Process Senator Charles E. Grassley & Charles Pou, Jr. 1
Confidentiality in Mediadon: A Moral Reassessment Kevin Gibson 25

Consumer Dispute Resolution in Missouri: Missouri's Need for a "True" Consumer Ombudsman Robert M. Carroll 67

The Continuing Power of Cultural Tradition and Socialist Ideology: Cross-Cultural Negotiations Involving Chinese, Korean, and American Negotiators Richard W. Downing 105
Just, Speedy, and Inexpensive or Just Speedy and Inexpensive? Mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Western District of Missouri April A. Fredlund 133
Arbitration and Salary Inflation in Major League Baseball Deborah R. Swank 159

Waiver of a Contractual Arbitration Agreement by Causing Prejudice to the Opponent: Should Federal Courts Adopt a Bright-Line Test? Kramer v. Hammond Mark G. Anderson 175
Settlement in Securities Fraud: Is Settlement Promoting Litigation? In re Jiffy Lube Securities Litigation Brian R. Hajicek 197
The Demise of the FAA's "Contract of Employment" Exception? Gilmer v. Interstate/Johnson Lane Corp. Michael 0. Holcomb 213
Shackling the Secretary's Hands: Limits Authorizing Whistle-Blower Settlements under Section 210 of the Energy Reorganization Act Macktal v. Secretary of Labor Jay M. Dade 227
The Arbitrator and the Double Jeopardy Clause: Does the Postman Always Ring Twice? United States v. Reed David A. Cole 241