Journal Volume 1993 No. 1

Compulsory Alternative Dispute Resolution and Voluntarism: Two-Headed Monster or Two Sides of the Coin? Lucy V. Katz 1
Appellate Settlement Conference Programs: A Case Study Susan A. FitzGibbon 57
Transforming At-Will Employment Disputes into Wrongful Discharge Claims: Fertile Ground for ADR Mary A. Bedikian 113
Punitive Damages in Securities Arbitration: The Interplay of State and Federal Law (Or a Smaller Bite of the Big Apple) Marilyn B. Cane 153

Post-Conviction Mediation of Rapes Cases: Working within the Criminal Justice System to Achieve Well-Rounded Justice Matthew J. Sauter 175

Arbitration? Sure, But Only on Our Terms: Escape Clauses in Uninsured Motorist Policies Schaefer v. Allstate Insurance Co. Steven R. Leppard 193
Efficient Injustice: The Demise of the "Substantial Injustice" Exception to Arbitral Finality Moncharsh v. Heily & Blase Michael J. Smith 209
Giving Competency Its Day in Court In re Fellman Michael C. Kirkham 221
Class Action Settlement Bars, Cross Claims, and Co-Defendants: The Search for a Uniform Standard In re U.S. Oil & Gas Litigation Craig R. Heidemann 233