Journal Volume 1994 No. 1

The Dilemmas of Mediation Practice: A Study of Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Implementation Robert A. Baruch Bush 1
Bush on Mediator Dilemmas Joseph B. Stulberg 57
Ethical Dilemmas or Benign Neglect? Richard A. Salem 71
Ethics: No One Ever Said It Would be Easy: Bush's Contribution to Mediation Practice Albie M. Davis 75
Easier Said Than Done: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Policy and Practice Linda Stamate 81
A Reply to the Commentators on the Ethical Dilemmas Study Robert A. Baruch Bush 87
The Reversal Arbitration Board: An ADR Model for Resolving Intra-Corporate Disputes Rene' Stemple Ellis, Geetha Ravindra, Neil Vidmar & Thomas Davis 93

Consolidation of Separate Arbitration Proceedings: "Liberal Construction" versus "Contractarian Approaches United Kingdom of Great Britain v Boeing Co. Michael L. DeCamp 113
The Constitutionality of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: State Sovereignty and Compulsory Negotiations Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe v. South Dakota Joel P. Brous 125
The Emergency Medical Treatment Statute: A Federal "How To" on Avoiding Mandatory Arbitration of Medical Malpractice Claims Brooks v. Maryland General Hospital, Inc. Karen E. Martin 141
Finding the Parameters: The Scope of Arbitration Agreements in Medical Service Contracts in California Mark Riley Kroeker 159
Good Policy or Judicial Abdication: When Courts Uphold Arbitral Awards Which are in Excess of Arbitrator's Jurisdiction Hall v. Superior Court Michigan's Binding Summary Jury Trial: Reward or Punishment? Farleigh v. Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1251 Thomas G. Glick 183