Journal Volume 1994 No. 2

Wisconsin's Court-Ordered ADR Law: Potential for Resolving Libel Disputes Michael E. Weinzierl 193
Reevaluating the Nursing Home Ombudsman's Role with a View Toward Expanding the Concept of Dispute Resolution Jeffrey S. Kahana 217
Public Health and Safety Hazards Versus Confidentiality: Expanding the Mediation Door of the Multi-Door Courthouse Arlin R. Thrush 235

Courts Let Go of the Reins: Runaway Escrow Agent Binds Principals to Arbitration Agreement 99 Commercial Street, Inc. V. Goldberg Karen E. Martin 259
Arbitration or Stipulation: Playing Word Games in the Federal Courts DDI Seamless Cylinder Int'l v. General Fire Extinguisher Corp. Jeffrey T. Davis 273
The Union Walks in the Sixth: The Integrity of Mandatory Non-Binding Grievance Procedures in Collective Bargaining Agreements AT&T v. Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO Mark R. Kroeker 289
Public Employee Bargaining Rights: An Avenue for Success for the Majority or a Trap for the Minority? Wrinkle v. Int'l Union of Operating Engineers, Local 2, AFL-CIO Greg W. Pearman 301

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   311