Journal Volume 1996 No. 1

Negotiation as a Healing Process Gerald R. Williams 1
Crisis Intervention for Legal Counselors Brian Easton 67
Post - Settlement Settlements: Agreeing to Make Resolutions Efficient Robert W. Mendenhall 81
Legal Consequences of Apologizing Peter H. Rehm & Denise R. Beatty 115
The Law Office as Indicator and Amplifier of Professional Status Fred I. Williams 131
Building Consensus for Racial Harmony in American Cities: A Case Model Approach Wallace Warfield 151
A Pilot Study on Martial Power as an Influence in Division of Pension Benefits at Divorce of Long Term Marriages Joan M. Krauskopf & Sharon Burgess Seiling 169
Harvesters: Alternatives to Judicial Intervention in Medical Treatment Decisions Karen A. Butler 191

Scope of Review for Orders Confirming, Vacating, or Modifying Arbitral Awards: An End to Deferential Standards First Options of Chicago, Inc. v. Kaplan Michael G. Munsell 213
Who's Watching Out for the Children? Making Child Custody Determinable by Binding Arbitration Dick v. Dick Barbara E. Wilson 225
An Arbitrator's Jurisdiction to Determine the Arbitrability of Labor Disputes Under Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreements McLaughlin v. Chester Upland School District Brian D. Kennedy 237
Mandatory Arbitration of Title VII Claims: A New Approach Prudential Insurance Co. of America v. Lai Catherine Chatman 255
Retroactive Application of Rule Changes: Arbitration Agreements May Be Circumvented Nielsen v. Greenwood Douglas M. Worley 267