Journal Volume 1999 No. 1

Evaluating Bankruptcy Mediation William J. Woodward Jr. 1
Giving Meaning to the Second Generation of ADR Education: Attorneys' Duty to Learn about ADR and What They Must Learn Suzanne J. Schmitz 29

Collective Bargaining Agreements, Arbitration Provisions and Employment Discrimination Claims: Compulsory Arbitration or Judicial Remedy? Ann E. Ahrens 57
Federal Mediation Privilege: Should Mediation Communications Be Protected From Subsequent Civil & Criminal Proceedings? Joshua J. Engelbart 73
Does Title VII Preclude Enforcement of Compulsory Arbitration Agreements? The Ninth Circuit Says Yes Ryan D. O'Dell 83
Exceptional Circumstances Justifying Vacatur When Lower Court Decision Mooted by Settlement: Repeat Litigants Slide into Home with Second Circuit Decision S. Kristina Starke 97
NASD Applications Require Arbitration of Employment Disputes Christina S. Young 107