Journal Volume 2000 No. 1

Preface Ryan D. O'Dell 1

The Future of ADR Frank E.A. Sander 3
Continuing the Conversation about the Current Status and the Future of ADR: A View from the Courts Wayne D. Brazil 11
Variations in Mediation: How--and Why--Legal Mediators Change Styles in the Course of a Case Dwight Golann 41
Some Reflections on ADR James F. Henry 63
ADR Research at the Crossroads Deborah R. Hensler 71
Turning the Ship of State Jeffrey M. Senger 79
Is Binding Arbitration a Form of ADR?: An Argument That the Term "ADR" Has Begun to Outlive Its Usefulness Jean R. Sternlight 97

The Concern Over Confidentiality in Mediation--An In-Depth Look at the Protection Provided by the Uniform Mediation Act Mindy D. Rufenacht 113
Consensual Approaches to Resolving Public Policy Disputes Brett A. Williams 135

The Search to Clarify an Elusive Standard: What Relationships Between Arbitrator and Party Demonstrate Evident Partiality? Jennifer C. Bailey 153
Appeals from Arbitration Orders Under the Federal Arbitration Act: Pro-arbitration Policy Clashes with the Right to Appeal Final Decisions Sarah Baxter 165
The Role of Federal Courts in Assisting International Arbitration Thurston K. Cromwell 177
Arbitration Agreements Between Employers and Employees: The Sixth Circuit Says the EEOC Is Not Bound Earl D. Kraus 187
Federalism Versus the Greater Good . . . Should Powerful Franchisors Be Allowed to Contract for the Home Court Advantage Through Forum Selection Clauses? Nathan E. Ross 199