Journal Volume 2000 No. 2

Negligent Retention and Arbitration: The Effect of a Developing Tort on Traditional Labor Law [Abstract] Terry A. Bethel 215
Mediating Citizen Complaints Against the Police: An Exploratory Study [Abstract] Samuel Walker and Carol Archbold 231

Foreword Leonard L. Riskin 245
The Inevitability of the Eclectic: Liberating ADR From Ideology [Abstract] Jeffrey W. Stempel 247
ADR: An Eclectic Array of Processes, Rather Tahn One Eclectic Process Lela P. Love, Kimberlee K. Kovach 295
Evaluation and Facilitation: Moving Past Either/Or Richard Birke 309
Toward More Sophisticated Mediation Theory [Abstract] John Lande 321
A Facilitative Mediator Responds [Abstract] Zena Zumeta 335
Faithful [Abstract] Gary L. Gill-Austern 343
Identifying Real Dichotomies Underlying the False Dichotomy: Twenty-First Century Mediation in an Eclectic Regime Jeffrey W. Stempel 371

The Mediator's Privilege: Can a Mediator Be Compelled to Testify in a Civil Case? California Privilege Law Says Yes Jennifer C. Bailey 395
Employees Beware: Signing Arbitration Agreements May Limit Your Remedies in Suits Filed by the EEOC Sarah Baxter 413
Arbitration and Its Collateral Estoppel Effect on Third Parties Thurston K. Cromwell 425
How Level is the Playing Field? Should Employers Be Able to Circumvent State Workers' Compensation Schemes by Creating Their Own Employee Compensation Plans? Nathan E. Ross 439
Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act S. Owen Griffin, Kelli Hopkins, Scot L. Wiggins, Emily Woodward 459