Journal Volume 2001 No. 1

The Revised Uniform Arbitration Act: Modernizing, Revising, and Clarifying Arbitration Law Timothy J. Heinsz 1
Federal Preeemption and Vacatur: The Bookend Issues under the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act [Abstract] Stephen L. Hayford 67
Paying the Price of Process: Judicial Regulation of Consumer Arbitration Agreements [Abstract] Stephen J. Ware 89

To Litigate or Arbitrate? No Matter--The Credit Card Industry is Deciding For You Johanna Harrington 101

Waiver? Not Yet: after More Than Eight Years of Pre-Trial Litigation the Second Circuit Orders Arbitration David A. Geisler II 119
Class Action vs. Arbitration: Does TILA Support Class Actions in Arbitration Where Statutory Rights are Concerned? Christina A. Lewis 133
Mandatory Arbitration of an Employee's Statutory Rights: Still a Controversial Issue or are We Beating the Proverbial Dead Horse? Andrea L. Myers 145
Clarifying the Intent of Congress: Are the Federal Arbitration Act's Venue Provisions Permissive or Mandatory? Darynne L. O'Neal 157
Read the Fine Print--Alabama Supreme Court Rules that Binding Arbitration Provisions in Written Warranties are Okay Garrett S. Taylor 165