Journal Volume 2002 No. 2

Culture Change? A Tale of Two Cities and Mandatory Court-Connected Mediation Dr. Julie Macfarlane 241
The Cookie Cutter Syndrome: Legal Reform Assistance under Post-Communist Democratization Programs Cynthia Alkon 327
Oh, Ye of Little [Good] Faith: Questions, Concerns and Commentary on Efforts to Regulate Participant Conduct in Mediations Roger L. Carter 367

Cyberspace and Domain Name Disputes: A Look at the Forums and Remedies Available to Trademark Holders in Cyberspace J. Kyle McCurry 407

To Sever or to Destroy?: The Eighth Circuit Allows Invalid Provisions to be Severed from Otherwise Enforceable Arbitration Agreements Michael K. Daming 425
Does an Employee’s Binding Arbitration Agreement Limit the Enforcement Powers of the EEOC?: The Supreme Court Rules That It Does Not Adam W. Graves 439
Retaining Bargained-For Finality and Judicial Review in Labor Arbitration Decisions: Dual Interests Preserved in Major League Baseball Players Association v. Garvey Emily J. Huitsing 453

The Uniform Arbitration Act Update Foreward Timothy J. Heinsz 467
Recent Developments Jamie Hansen, Daniel L. Massey, Dustin C. Read, Natalie A. Voris