Journal Volume 2003 No. 1

Uniform Mediation Act and Official Comments   1
Introduction David A. Hoffman 61
Prohibiting "Good Faith" Reports Under the Uniform Mediation Act: Keeping the Adjudication Camel Out of the Mediation Tent Carol L. Izumi, Homer C. La Rue 67
The Sound of Dust Settling: A Response to Criticisms of the UMA Richard C. Reuben 99
Centuries of Contract Common Law Cant Be All Wrong: Why the UMAs Exception to Mediation Confidentiality in Enforcement Proceedings Should be Embraced and Broadened Peter Robinson 135
The UMA and the UNCITRAL Model Rule: An Emerging Consensus on Mediation and Conciliation Jernej Sekolec Michael B. Getty 175
Dancing with the One that "Brung Us" -- Why the Texas ADR Community Has Declined to Embrace the UMA Brian D. Shannon 197
The UMA: Some Roads Not Taken Joseph B. Stulberg 221

An Evaluation of the Effect of Court-Ordered Mediation and Proactive Case Management On the Pace of Civil Tort Litigation in Lake County, Indiana Jeffery J. Dywan 239

The Silent Treatment: Removing the Class Action From the Plaintiffs Toolbox Without Ever Saying a Word Andrea Lockridge 255
A New Era of Disclosure: California Judicial Council Enacts Arbitrator Ethics Standards Keisha I. Patrick 271
Pre-Dispute Mandatory Arbitration Agreements and Title VII: Promoting Efficiency While Protecting Employee Rights Steven S. Poindexter 301