Journal Volume 2004 No. 2

Assuring Excellence, or Merely Reassuring?
Policy and Practice in Promoting Mediator Quality
Charles Pou, Jr. 303
Rwandan Gacaca: An Experiment in Transitional Justice Maya Goldstein Bolocan 355
Confidentiality in Victim Offender Mediation: A False Promise? Mary Ellen Reimund 401

State Legislative Update

Robert J. Fischer
Katherine M. Massa
Benjamin B. Nelson
Cassandra A. Rogers


Arbitration Clauses Should Be Enforced According to Their Terms
--Except When They Shouldn’t Be:
The Ninth Circuit Limits Parties’ Ability to Contract
for Standards of Review of Arbitration Awards
Jonathan R. Bunch


Issues of Trust: Resolving Mismanagement of the Indian Trust Fund Allison Cafer 477
An “Open Issue”: The Fifth Circuit’s Misleading Interpretation
of an Arbitrator’s Jurisdiction Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Amanda Davis Anthony 485
On Hostile Ground: Ohio’s Notice to Insolvent Insurance Companies
with Arbitration Agreements
Frank C. Koranda, Jr. 493