Journal Volume 2005 No. 1

A Tribute to Dean Timothy J. Heinsz Robert G. Bailey 1
Discord “Behind the Table”: The Internal Conflict Among Israeli Jews
Concerning the Future of Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza
Robert H. Mnookin
Ehud Eiran
The Influence of Procedural and Distributive Variables on Settlement Rates
in Employment Discrimination Mediation
Dr. E. Patrick McDermott
Dr. Danny Ervin
California’s “Unique” Approach to Arbitration:
Why This Road Less Traveled Will Make All the Difference
on the Issue of Preemption Under the Federal Arbitration Act
Michael G. McGuinness
Adam J. Karr
If You Lose, It Is Binding, but If You Win--
They Get a New Trial: Illinois Uninsured Motorist Arbitration
Michael J. Hanagan 93

Where Can Unconscionability Take Arbitration?
Why the Fifth Circuit’s Conscience Was Only Partially Shocked
Mary Jane Groff


When “Contracting Around” the Law Will Not Work:
The Potential Inability to Expressly Prohibit Punitive Damages in Arbitration

Alexia Norris

Horizontal Uniformity and Vertical Chaos:
State Choice of Law Clauses and Preemption
Under the Federal Arbitration Act
Jennifer Trieshmann


Resolving a Split: May Courts Order Consolidation of Arbitration Proceedings
Absent Express Agreement by the Parties?
Jonathan R. Waldron 177
No Notice is Good News: Notice Under the New Ombuds Standards
for the Establishment and Operation of Ombuds Offices
Katherine A. Welch 193
Confidentiality in Mediation: Is It Encouraging
Good Mediation or Bad Conduct?
Sarah Williams 209