Journal Volume 2005 No. 2

Music, Mediation, and Superstrings:
The Quest for Universal Harmony
John W. Cooley 227
ADR Through A Cultural Lens:
How Cultural Values Shape our Disputing Processes
Julia Ann Gold 289
International Arbitration Is Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile Kenneth F. Dunham 323
Justifying Restorative Justice: A Theoretical Justification
for the Use of Restorative Justice Practices
Zvi D. Gabbay 349
Why Further Development of ADR in Latin America
Makes Sense: The Venezuelan Model
José Alberto Ramírez León 399

State Legislative Update

Christopher Benne
Tracy Justis
Brandon Lawson
Marty Seaton


Last Chance Agreements: How Many Chances
is an Employee Entitled To?
Kathleen Birkhofer


Everybody Loves Arbitration: The Second Circuit Sets
Pro-Arbitration Precedent in International Commercial Arbitration Cases
Jason Matyas 481
Rules for a New Game: Finding a Workable Solution for
Applying Class Actions to the Arbitration Process
Andrew Remy Norton 495
The Pro-Arbitration Policy: Is This What the Parties Really Intended?
The Courts’ Treatment of Forum Selection Clauses in Arbitration Agreements
Lance Roskens 511
The Arbitrability of Arbitrability Michelle St. Germain 523
Vacatur of Labor Arbitration Awards: Watering Down the Supreme Court’s
“Drawn From the Essence” Precedent May Sound the Death Knell
for Labor Arbitration
Jonathan R. Waldron 539