Journal Volume 2006 No. 1

Introduction to Vanishing Trial Symposium John Lande 1
A World Without Trials? Marc Galanter 7
What We Know and What We Should Know about American Trial Trends Margo Schlanger 35
Vanishing Trials?: An English Perspective

Robert Dingwall
Emilie Cloatre

Vanishing or Increasing Trials in the Netherlands? Carolien Klein Haarhuis
Bert Neimeijer
Worlds in a Small Room Christopher Honeyman


Not Quite a World Without Trials:
Why International Dispute Resolution is Increasingly Judicialized

Andrea Kupfer Schneider

When We Hold No Truths to be Self-Evident:
Truth, Belief, Trust, and the Decline in Trials
Lisa Blomgren Bingham


Public Access to Information in Civil Litigation vs. Litigant’s
Demand for Privacy: Is the “Vanishing Trial” an Avoidable Consequence?
Dennis J. Drasco 155
Vanishing Trial, Vanishing Community?
The Potential Effect of the Vanishing Trial on America’s Social Capital
Robert M. Ackerman 165
Designer Trials Elizabeth Thornburg 181
How Much Justice Can We Afford?:
Defining the Courts’ Roles and Deciding the Appropriate Number of Trials,
Settlement Signals, and Other Elements Needed to Administer Justice
John Lande


Reconciling Professional Legal Education with the
Evolving (Trial-less) Reality of Legal Practice
Julie Macfarlane
John Manwaring