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  • Anna Lanshakova
  • Jose Ignacio Lleo Gomez
  • Monique Prinsloo
  • Alexandria Zylstra

Is the LL.M. Program for me?

The Master of Laws Program is appropriate for lawyers with varied backgrounds and interests, such as:

  • Counsel for private and public organizations who represent clients and could help design systems for their organizations to handle regular disputes involving partners, customers, suppliers, and employees.
  • Lawyers who want to administer public and private dispute resolution organizations, such as private dispute resolution firms, court-annexed dispute resolution programs, community mediation programs, or statewide offices of dispute resolution.
  • Government lawyers who serve as administrative law judges or hearing officers or who are responsible for managing public participation processes.
  • Lawyers who want to become legal academics focusing on dispute resolution.
  • Lawyers who want to develop careers as mediators, arbitrators, trainers, and dispute resolution consultants.
  • Advocates in private practice.
  • Lawyers from abroad who are involved in designing dispute resolution processes in their own countries.