CSDR-LL.M. E-newsletter Archives

Vol. 1, Issue 7 - October 6, 2000

What's Inside:


This week's brownbag lunch, on Monday, October 9, will feature an open discussion of the issues raised by Professor Jeffrey Stempel's lecture on September 29. As usual, the brownbag will take place at noon in Room 109. We plan to start promptly, so please plan your food-gathering accordingly.

Here are the plans for the upcoming brownbags:

  • October 16 - Kathleen Bird, the Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution Services for the Seventh Circuit (near Kansas City), "Court Programs: An Incubator for ADR" She will describe some options for possible externships, so LL.M. students may be particularly interested in attending this session. Ms. Bird is also the Chair of the ADR Committee of the Missouri Bar and the Treasurer of the Association of Missouri Mediators.
  • October 23 - There will be no speaker or planned topic for a brownbag. People may want to get together at the usual time and place to talk about any issues on your mind that day.
  • October 30 - History Professor Mark Carroll, "The Affair of Honor in the Old South: Alternative Dispute Resolution Among the Lords of Creation" The institution of dueling as a form of dispute resolution. There was more negotiation than you might think ...
  • November 6 - Report on the Wisconsin Association of Mediators Conference
  • November 13 - Public Affairs Professor Lisa Zanetti and Theatre doctoral student Kate Sinnett, "Using the Theatre of the Oppressed for Conflict Resolution"

It is time for LL.M. students to begin thinking about the courses you plan to take during the winter semester. The schedule sent to you this summer listed the LL.M. and J.D. ADR courses for both the fall and winter semesters. If you need another copy of the schedule, please contact Karen or Laura.

You should have received information from the registrar's office regarding early registration, phone registration, etc. You do not need to follow these instructions. The law school has its own system and Karen Neylon and Denise Boessen will take care of getting you registered. All you need to do is to send Karen an e-mail at neylonk@missouri.edu or stop by her office, to let her know the courses that you would like to take. ALL REGISTRATION INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED TO KAREN BY MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6.

If you want to check into relevant graduate-level courses outside of the law school, the schedule of classes is available either on the University web site at web.missouri.edu/~regwww/MU_Registration/ or a printed version will be ready during the week of October 9. Please note: The law school course information listed in the web and paper version the General Schedule of Courses is not current. For current information on law school courses, please check with Karen Neylon in 206 or Denise Boessen in 203. Also, some non-law courses that you might want to take could require the instructor's consent. In those cases, you should talk to the instructor before you give Karen your course list. (She might need a consent number to enroll you in the course and you would need to get that from the department.) Also, if you need a Graduate School catalog, copies are available in 206 (and the same information is on the web).

If you have any questions or concerns about electives you might want to take, please make an appointment with John Lande.

Next semester, we will offer an Advanced Practice course. This will be a two-credit, pass-fail course taught by John Lande designed primarily for the LLM students. As this will be the first time it will be offered, we would like to solicit your suggestions and requests for designing the course. Please direct your comments to John at landej@missouri.edu, 882-3914, or his office.

The following is the general description of the course: "This course is designed to give students experience in the practice of dispute resolution skills, primarily focusing on mediation. In simulated cases of a wide variety of types of mediated negotiations, students will act as mediators, parties, and legal representatives. Simulations will cover all the steps of the mediation process, from intake to settlement agreement. Students will receive detailed feedback from classmates and the instructor. Different styles of mediation practice will be analyzed and practiced as students learn about their own strengths as practitioners and the applicability of mediation to different situations. Students will discuss current controversies in the field. Open to LL.M. students. In extraordinary situations, J.D. students may enroll with the consent of the instructor."


The Federal ADR Council, chaired by the Attorney General, recently approved the publication for public comment of a report on Confidentiality in Federal ADR and a Report on Evaluation of Federal ADR Programs. These documents are available on the Internet at www.financenet.gov/iadrwg. As you may know, The American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and The National Conference of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws has been drafting a Uniform Mediation Act, which focuses primarily on confidentiality. Drafts of the Act are located at www.pon.harvard.edu/guests/uma. Richard Reuben is one of the Reporters for the Drafting Committee.


Executive Director, Public Sector Labor Management Committee, Washington, DC This senior leadership position is responsible for developing the will, capacity and resources of management and union organizations in the public sector to carry out programs and projects of the Public Sector Labor Management Committee. The executive director will receive program direction from the Public Sector Labor Management Committee's eight person Steering Committee and work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of the Working for America Institute. For a full description of the job posting, please refer to the web site at www.workingforamerica.org or the job posting book in 206 Hulston.

Executive Director, Conciliation Forums of Oakland, CA The Executive Director provides vision and leadership for the organization, and is responsible for managing the fiscal and administrative matters of the daily operations of the CFO office and the service delivery of its program. For a full description of the job posting, please refer to the job posting book in 206 Hulston.

Executive Director, Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center, Annapolis, MD Applicants should be familiar with, and dedicated to community mediation services, be motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to working as part of a small but energetic team. Job responsibilities include: financial development and management; marketing and networking; supervision of office and program staff (paid and volunteer); representing Center with state and local mediation organizations. For a full description of the job posting, please refer to the job posting book in 206 Hulston.

Equal Opportunity Specialist, Washington, DC The Federal Communications Commission Office of Workplace Diversity is currently recruiting for one Equal Opportunity Specialist GS-12/13 (#DEU-01-001TC). This position is located in Washington, D.C. Duties include but are not limited to: investigating complaints of employment discrimination filed by employees and applicants; coordinating the work of contract investigators; counseling employees; performing statistical analysis and compiling EEO reports; and planning special observances that recognize minorities and women. The closing date of the announcement is October 31, 2000. If you have any questions, please contact Harvey Lee, OWD, at (202)418-1942, hlee@fcc.gov, or Greg Vass, Human Resources Management, at (202) 418-0156. The TTY telephone number for the hearing impaired is (202)418-2555.