Alternative Dispute Resolution and The Rule of Law: Making the Connection
October 15, 2010, Hulston Hall, University of Missouri School of Law, Columbia, Missouri

In cooperation with the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
and the Missouri Center for the Study of Conflict, Law & the Media


Keynote & Panel 1

The Rule of Law: Procedural Justice and the Psychology of Legitimacy
Dr. Tom R. Tyler, University Professor of Psychology and Law, New York University
Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, Associate Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law (presenting)

Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Rule of Law in Development Cooperation
Ambassador James Michel, former Counsel, U.S. Aid for International Development

What Have We Done? How Has It Worked?
Bill Davis, Co-Founder, DPK Consulting (San Francisco)

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Panel 2

ADR and the Rule of Law: The Fundamental Tension
Richard C. Reuben, James Lewis Parks Professor of Law, University of Missouri School of Law

Designing Governance to Produce the Rule of Law: Collaborating with the Public and Stakeholders
Lisa Blomgren Bingham, Keller-Runden Professor of Public Service, University of Indiana at Bloomington

Alternative Dispute Processing and Privatization: Thinking Across the Family-Market Divide
Amy Cohen, Associate Professor of Law, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

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Panel 3

From Noise to Music: Using the Multi-Door Courthouse in an Integrative Conflict Management System to Promote Inclusion and Rule of Law in Latin America
Mariana Hernandez-Crespo, Associate Professor of Law, St. Thomas School of Law

Internalizing the Rule of Law through Transitional Justice and ADR
Dr. Michal Alberstein, Law Faculty, Bar-Ilan University (Israel)

A Deliberative Look at ADR and the Rule of Law
Dr. Peter Muhlberger, Research Professor, Texas Tech University College of Mass Communications

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