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Updated Course Descriptions

Mizzou Law Course descriptions are only updated once year on University Registrar’s website.

Please note, some courses have changed since the last course catalog update. The new descriptions are listed below.

LAW 5465: Corporate Taxation

This course will provide an in-depth study of the federal income taxation of corporations and their shareholders, including the tax aspects of forming and capitalizing a corporation, corporate distributions, redemptions, and taxable and tax-free corporate liquidations. This course will be taught using the problem methods of instruction.

Credit Hours: 1-3
Prerequisites: LAW 5375

LAW 5577: Family Law Dispute Resolution

This course involves students performing simulations of litigation and non-litigation dispute resolution procedures used in family law cases. The course begins with discussion of family dynamics (including issues such as child development and domestic violence), the family court system, and distinctive professional challenges for family lawyers. Exercises involve procedures such as interviewing clients, screening for domestic violence, working with other lawyers, engaging child custody evaluators and parenting coordinators, conducting and defending depositions, preparing for and conducting negotiation and mediation, arguing contested motions in court hearings, and drafting settlement agreements and court orders.

Credit Hours: 1-3

LAW 5650 : International Business Transactions

A survey of legal problems and institutional arrangements involved in international trade and investment; private law of international trade, governmental regulation of international trade and investment, international regulation of international trade and investment.

Credit Hours: 1-3