Diveristy Student Profile

Phil Thornton, 2L

Phil Thornton

Marshall, MO

University of Missouri-Kansas City

"From the time I was notified of my acceptance to the time classes began, the staff and faculty were always there for the questions and concerns I had."

Mizzou & Local Favorites

  • Local Dining:
    Texas Road House
  • Study Spot:
    My apartment
  • Recreational Activity:
    Playing guitar and singing
  • Law School Course:
    Advocacy and Reasearch

Phil went to law school to follow his passion and to fulfill a life-long dream. He chose Mizzou Law because of the small class size and the sense of community he felt when he visited the law school. As a non-traditional student, making the transition from working as a private contractor to law school was challenging. However, Phil felt that Mizzou Law provided many opportunities to meet other prospective students, current students, staff, faculty, and programs to make the transition easier. The Admitted Students program held in the spring provided Phil will a great opportunity to get acquainted with some other students and visit with various faculty members.