Commercial and Labor Arbitration

Professor Sarah Rudolph Cole
Thursday 2-4, Friday 2-3; Room 246
Office: Room 302
Phone: 688-4918

Required Text: Compiled materials

Grading: Grading in the course will be based on the following structure:


Week One – Introduction to Arbitration

January 9 (Th) Introduction to Arbitration. Distribute Barbering Pirates. Read pp. 2-12 and Appendicies A and B (Federal Arbitration Act and Uniform Arbitration Act). Be prepared to discuss problems 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4.

January 10(F) Discuss Barbering Pirates problem, video.

Week Two – Preemption

January 16(Th) Preemption, Group reports assignment; Read pp. 12-21 and full Southland v. Keating pp. 77-85. Discuss problems 4.5-4.7.

January 17(F) Read Appendix D, the RUAA. Read pp. 21-24. Read Blue Cross, pp. 129- 43. Discuss class actions and arbitration.

Week Three – Arbitrability

January 23(Th) Arbitrability Read pp. 24-30 and Howsam (pp. 124-28).

January 24(F) Arbitrator Ethics. Read Appendicies C and E and pp. 72-75. Discuss Arbitrator Ethical Quandaries.

Week Four – Group Reports on the RUAA

January 30(Th) Group Reports

January 31(F) Group Reports

Week Five – Arbitration of Statutory Claims

February 6(Th) Arbitration of Statutory Claims; read pp. 30-38 and Wilko, Gilmer and Alexander v. Gardner-Denver (pp. 86-119).

February 7(F) Arbitration of Civil Rights Claims; Read pp.38-45 and Wright (pp. 120-23).

Week Six – Arbitration of Statutory Claims

February 13(Th) Arbitration of Statutory Claims cont’d. Read pp. 45-55.

February 14(F) Unconscionability. Read pp. 55-62.

Week Seven – Judicial Review and Drafting

February 20(Th) EEOC role in arbitration; Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards; Read pp. 62-72.

February 21(F) Drafting Arbitration Agreements; Read Appendix F.

Week Eight – Drafting Arbitration Agreements

February 27(Th) Receive drafting problem; break into groups to dissect agreement

February 28(F) Discuss findings from drafting exercise; prepare to draft new agreement

Week Nine – Arbitration Hearing Process

March 6(Th) Arbitration Hearing Procedures; Labor Arbitration research; Opinion writing; Read Section Two; Readings on Arbitration Hearing Process.

March 7(F) Hearing procedures cont’d.

Week Ten – Arbitration Hearing Process

March 13(Th) Drafting exercise due; Arbitration Hearing Procedures cont’d.

March 14(F) Hand out first hearing assignment

Week Eleven – Guest Speakers; Prepare for First Hearing

March 20(Th) Prepare for first hearing

March 21(F) Guest speaker

Week Twelve – Spring Break

Week Thirteen – First Hearing

April 3(Th) 1st hearing

April 4(F) 1st hearing cont’d

Week Fourteen – Prepare for Second Hearing

April 10(Th) Prepare for second hearing

April 11(F) Guest speaker

Week Fifteen – Second Hearing

April 17(Th) Second hearing (Arbitrator opinions for 1st hearing due)

April 18(F) Second hearing. Receive final assignment – post-hearing brief.

Arbitrator opinions from second hearing due May 2. Post-hearing briefs due last day of finals, May 8.

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