Clark Freshman, University of Miami
Health Club Negotiation

Confidential Instructions to Prospective Gym Member

You have decided you want to join a gym (or a new gym if you already belong!).

You’re very on the fence between one gym where a friend belongs and this other gym. The two gyms are very similar and an equal distance from where you live (and from school.)

Your friend’s gym is $625 a year – $25 to join and then $50 a month. The other gym has no fee to join.

Your friend offered to take you to his gym for free.

You said you didn’t need to because you’d already been there a few months ago.

Your friend said it could be his/her treat - which sounded nice since it’s usually a ten dollar guest fee.

But then, as you walked by the gym today, you noticed it said, “Free month extension for every friend who joins.”

You are about to meet your friend for some coffee, and you think he might bring up the gym situation.

Confidential Instructions to Gym Member

You are really excited about the new “secret” membership contest at your gym.

The gym charges $25 to "join" every year, and then $50 a month – a total of $625 per year.

The official policy is that they give any member a free month for every member you refer.

You took this negotiation class years ago, so you tried to do a little better. You convinced the manager to give you TWO months for every friend who joins.

Then, this month, the person said the gym is tied in the nation for the gym with the most new members. So he told you, since you’ve done so well, he’ll give you a whole free year if you can get one extra person to join this month.

Unfortunately, you’ve tried everyone, and everyone since then has said they are not interested – with one exception.

One friend said she/he is interested, but uncertain. You’re about to meet that friend for coffee, and you think maybe this could be your turn to earn a free year!

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