Dispute Resolution Listserv

The Center operates a listserv to promote discussion of issues relevant to dispute resolution in legal education. The listserv is generally limited to dispute resolution instructors, including visiting and adjunct professors.

Sending Messages to the Listserv

If you are a subscriber to the listserv, you can send a message to the listserv subscribers by sending an email to DRLE@PO.MISSOURI.EDU.

Subscribing to the Listserv

To subscribe to the list:

Accessing the Listserv Archives

Listserv subscribers can access an archive of messages posted to the listserv. To access the archive, go to the DRLE listserv home page and click on the month of the desired postings, such as “June 12.” If you don’t have a password, follow the instructions to create a password.

Center E-Newsletter

In addition to the DRLE listserv, the Center publishes an e-newsletter with information about the Center as well as listings of upcoming dispute resolution events and job opportunities. There is no charge to receive the newsletter. If you would like to be added to the subscription list, email Laura Coleman.