Dispute Resolution Syllabi

This is a collection of syllabi from DR courses in U.S. law schools.  It includes syllabi from courses in particular subject areas that have significant DR elements.

Each syllabus remains the intellectual property of the author, so please get permission and provide appropriate credit to the author if you copy a substantial portion of any syllabus.

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Arbitration (2015) – Robert G. Bailey, University of Missouri

Arbitration (2015) – Kristen Blankley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Arbitration (2013) – Sarah Rudolph Cole, Ohio State University

Arbitration Law, Policy, and Practice (2015) – Alex Colvin, Cornell University

Commercial Arbitration (2013) – Christopher Drahozal, University of Kansas

Commercial Arbitration of Business Disputes (2015) – George H. Friedman, Fordham University

Labor Arbitration (2008) – Rafael Gely, University of Missouri

LL.M. Arbitration (various dates) – Rafael Gely, University of Missouri

Arbitration in America (2015) – Abraham Sofaer & Janet Martinez, Stanford University

Arbitration Law and Practice (2014) using a multi-stage employment simulation – E. Gary Spitko, Santa Clara University

International Commercial Arbitration (2013) – S.I. Strong, University of Missouri

Arbitration Theory and Practice (2015) – Maureen Weston, Pepperdine University

Arbitration and DR System Design (2008) – Paula M. Young, Appalachian School of Law